A fascinating 19th Century house, which had formerly been a rectory of the Church of Ősterjőrn, hosts a hotel, the Lantliv, which is first of all a new cultural reality that offers an original alternative to a simple visit. 

The rooms of Herrgard and Midgard, the two main buildings of the hotel, have also been furnished with objects and furniture, examples of Italian modern design, without modifying their traditional intended hospitality use. It is a “dynamic museum”, which is periodically renewed, at  our guests’ complete disposal.

The hotel offers up Italian cooking as well as Swedish cuisine with their components of simplicity and genuineness, allowing them to be appreciated in the most varied situations: receptions, ceremonies, meetings in restaurants and, in summer, in the open air in a setting of green and tranquillity. 

Theme days are foreseen throughout the year during which cultural events and culinary tastings are alternated. Special attention is as a matter of fact paid to yoga lessons, local crafts, and art photography, with the possibility of hosting Italian and Swedish photographers thanks to the hotel’s ample rooms and external areas, and in summer, thanks to the quaint and suggestive “Octagonal Barn”.