We offer customizable activities tailored to your preferences 

Dog Sledding

Locally is situated a Dog Sledding company, huskytours.net. With the experience of traveling through the wilderness being pulled by a husky team. It is an experience that everyone deserves to have. The peace once your out and the chances of seeing wildlife. You can also experience the chance of leading a team yourself! If you would like this included in your stay, then please let us know when you book with us.

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Situated in the idealic location, we are privaliged to the magical Northern Lights display. With the lake frozen during the winter, you are able to walk out onto the lake and watch the breathtaking display. When at it's strongest it will also reflect of the snow. It truely is an experience of a lifetime and will fill your heart with so many wonderous emotions. This is a moment you can experience from the comfort of our beautiful hotel. 

Icelandic Horse Riding

Icelandic horse riding is both a winter and summer activity. This is a beautiful chance to see the nature that surrounds us. A most magical experience. Horses of Taiga is an exeptional company who are very experienced at creating that perfect trek! For more information go to horsesoftaiga.com. If you would like to include this in your holiday package with us, please let us know when you book. 


A snowmobile safari is a perfect and thrilling way to experience the diversity of the Subarctic nature and a must for your stay. Led by an experienced guide, you can choose to drive your own snowmobile, or ride two people for a shared experience. You are able to book through us, but a minimum of 4 people are needed for the tour. Please let us know if you would like a snowmobile safari included in your package with us.

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing is an activity which we provide for you during your stay with us. You are welcome to rent out the equipment from us and we will give you guided instructions on how to ice fish. With the luxury of having the beautiful Österjörn Lake right outside the front of us. And with your catch of the day you can BBQ it on our open fire pit in front of the hotel. We can provide the trimmings to go with it for a small price. No booking is required for this. Just come and experience.

Cross country skiing

Why not try and go at your own pace and explore the surroundings by cross country skiing. It is a much loved sport here in Sweden. Make your own track into the forest or follow the ready made track created by snowmobile. See the wildlife and find the tracks left behind by so many different species that we have living around us. You are able to rent the skis from us when you arrive.

Downhill Skiing

A great day out at the slopes. With Storklinta Ski Center, our local downhill skiing slope, being a 30 minute drive away with a scenic journey. All rentals of equipment are on site. So no booking is needed.

Snow Shoe Hiking

Snow shoe walking is another peaceful way to see the forest and what lies beyond. Enjoy the quietness around you and explore at your own pleasure. It is an easy way to walk on the snow without sinking into it. Let the snow shoes keep you uplifted. These are also available to rent from us when you are here.

Outdoor Open Fire

BBQ in the winter is a lifestyle here in Sweden. It is a part of life for everyone. Over an open fire BBQ some burgers, sausage (Swedish style), and so much more, including your catch of the day! We have an outdoor BBQ area at the hotel along with several at the campsite opposite the hotel across the lake. A perfect end to the day and if your lucky you may even get some Northern Lights to watch while eating.

The forest

In absolute proximity to Lantilv Lodge, and our camping site, is the Nordic boreal forest. It is the perfect place to unwind, enjoy silence and recharge with help of the healing nature. And when it's season you can pick your own berries and mushroom.

Pack a snack in your rucksack and take a walk at your own pace and let nature take its course and get close to you. Thanks to the Swedish freedom to roam it is possible for everyone to practice outdoor life and move freely and easily in nature, but it also places certain demands on those who visit it. Read more about the possibilities and obligations of the right of public access here.

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