The first settlement dates back to 1778, when settlers settled in the place then called Jorn. The village grew during the nineteenth century. In 1857, the beautiful wooden church was built.

In 1893, the railway, the northern main line were completed and the station community Jorn grew up 5 kilometers from here. This village was then named Osterjorn.

At the cemetery below the church, there are today memorial graves for, among others, Finnish war children, living in old people's homes and here the authors Sara Lidman and Birger Vikstrom are also burie


 This is the homeland of the Sami, the indigenous people of Scandinavia who are present throughout the area, with culture, traditions and unique handicrafts; Swedish Lapland extends from the Baltic coast to the mountain range along the border with Norway. Read more about the Sami here.

It is a pristine area of ​​rivers and lakes, vast expanses of forests abundantly populated by wild animals such as elk, bear, wolf, lynx and wolverines.

Along the east coast there are on the contrary several towns of considerable interest, picturesque fishing villages and beautiful archipelagos of islands to explore.


A county located in upper Norrland which consists of several different landscapes including Lapland. Vasterbotten County is the second largest county in Sweden and occupies one eighth of Sweden's area.

The landscape consists of many watercourses, which means that different types of fishing are possible.

The climate offers cold and snowy winters, short springs and sunny summers with bright nights. From April onwards, the light is present throughout the day and in June the sun never sets. In winter, sunlight is limited to a few hours and it is not uncommon to see the incredible northern lights.

The county is the birthplace of many famous Swedish authors, such as Sara Lidman, Missentrask and Torgny Lindgren, Raggsjoliden.