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Choose from various guest rooms, junior suites, doubles, and singles. All with private showers.


Midgård, our hostel, offers diverse bedrooms with shared bathrooms. 


Nestled by the lake and in the woods, our camping area has electric poles for motorhomes and caravans.

Translation of a Swedish Historical Book


In the year 1848, the same year the first priest was appointed, Jörn parish of Skellefteå rural parish received a grant of 1000 riksdaler to acquire a farm and forest - a salary residence - for the priest, whose salary was largely paid in kind. The salary residence still exists. 

The land has, in parts, been subdivided and sold for housing lots. The land is no longer cultivated, but the forest is part of the diocese's collective forestry. A residence was built, and of these, two remain, the barn and the construction house. Near the mountain, two barns are located.

When Jörn became an independent parish in 1892, a decision was made to build a new vicarage. It was constructed in 1894 and now serves as the parish hall, an integral part of the current conference center. The beautiful building had many flaws, particularly in terms of heating. 

During an inspection in 1939, the parish was obligated to pay rent compensation to the vicar, who moved to the town nearby. At that time, the vicariate was held by D.A.G Brundin. The old vicarage then faced various destinies: a craft room for the school, emergency housing, military facility, and hostel, managed by Mrs. Lova Gustafsson. After renovation in 1979, the estate became a parish hall, as well as an economic building and assembly hall for the conference center.